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Inspired by one of the most elegant and noble creatures on Earth, this beautiful collectable artwork reflects Gennady Bykov’s long-lasting love and admiration for horses. This jewellery piece made in the form of the brooch is created in the mixed media of stone ornamentation and jewellery casting.

Gold weight 45.6g.

28 diamonds = 0.47ct.

15 rubies = 0.78ct.

11 saphires = 0.65ct

BYKOVS’ JEWELLERY glad to present to the real horse lovers a very special bespoke jewellery item created by the famous Russian jewellery designer Gennady Bykov who has long ago established himself as an outstanding Russian cultural brand well known to the world leading professionals and art experts. The craftsmanship level of his art works has been compared by many jewellery experts to that of Faberge.

Until recently his unique creations could be found only in the world-famous museums in Russia and abroad, but have not been available for the purchase on the market. And only now the jewellery art connoisseurs are getting the possibility not only to admire those treasures, but to purchase those bespoke artworks for their private enjoyment.

For Gennady Bykov a symbol of horse has always been one of the sources of his inspiration. The delicate forms and the elegant movements of that creature have been reflected in many of his creations.

The pinnacle masterpiece of Bykov inspired by a symbol of horse is his collectible art object Favorite. That bespoke item done in the form of a brooch reflects his love and deep devotion to that animal.

In that jewellery art piece which is fully handmade in 18ct gold you can find a natural horse hair mane and a bridle decorated by a series of precious stones. The item can be fully personalized by taking the hair from the mane of the owner’s horse and by selecting the stones for decoration of the bridle which match the horse owner racing color. The horse head can be made from the stone matching the horse’s suit, or from gold or platinum. On the back of the item the name of the horse and its date of birth can be engraved as well.

Such completely personalized art object can be an element of pride for every horse owner. It is his luck amulet which represents the everlasting connection between the owner and his beloved horse.

Being given as a present, it will be definitely appreciated and remembered.

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